Acid Trips Anonymous

My first time taking blotter acid was blue unicorn.

I took it walking home from a small town outside of where I lived. There were no street lights so my eyes were strained. I started peaking halfway through the walk home.

I got just outside of my town when I saw two deer in a meadow on the side of the road.

A car came down the hill and sped past me. The deer got spooked by me and the car and ran out in front of the car getting hit.

One deer was screaming and other deer got hit in the head splitting its skull open and flung brains all over my pants as it layed flopping on the road. A car came in the lane I was standing as I saw brains and blood all over my shoes.

I ran home as the drunk driver tried to stop me. I got home and took my other hit thinking it would calm me down. I laid in bed petting my pillow because I thought it was my dog. I looked at my stereo clock it was 10 o’clock. I screamed and buried my head in my pillow seeing those deer over and over. 

I looked back at my stereo it was four in the morning and I was completely sober. The next day I went to where the deer got hit. They were gone but there were shot gun shells and blood all over the road. I always felt god was mad at me for taking acid so he gave me a bad trip.

Well I started taking acid when I was like 13 like 124 trips. It wasn’t long after I started having derealization. It came on so strong it felt like a bad acid trip that wouldn’t go away.

I suffered with it for ten years. During that time I had a head injury also which almost killed me. I was so delusional I thought everything was a dream like I couldn’t wake up.

Ever since then about 5 years after going through that I started getting really delusional and the panic set in. I couldn’t smoke dope anymore because I had such bad realizations of being in a dream it scared me.

For 23 years I was on medication in and out of hospitals, psychiatric wards. If I stop taking the meds I get super manic and delusional wandering the streets sometime bare foot. The cops have taken me to the hospital several times. I believe in psychedelics, maybe a sober person isn’t supposed to say that but they really do open your mind. But there’s also a downside for some people taking too much can permanently flip you into psychosis and cause a lot of trouble.

Art has helped me with a lot and I would of given up years ago if not for medication, the good will of people and art. I would never take drugs again because I can’t. For 23 years I took drugs and psychedelics. I’m not trying to preach – just don’t believe that there’s only a one sided positive side to everything, there’s a bad side to everything also, and if you’re not careful you could have short term problems and maybe even long term problems. But they do open your mind, they do help you self reflect but if you can’t control it please seek help.

I’m very disappointed with a lot of the popular visionaries only talking about the positive side I think it’s better to be honest and explain the pros and cons of everything.

I just believe all things are energy. Energy has a memory and consciousness therefore we are a projection of consciousness of the whole universe more of the universes imagination kinda like it’s dreaming us and our reality.

So the universe is alive – maybe a brain..that creature universe to me is what I consider god.

Everything is atoms. Atoms are energy. Positive force energy created by instability of negative energy. The universe is in a state of separation and resistance but it is seeking balance and harmony, and when it achieves balance there will be no need for separation or resistance. It will be in a state of oneness.

Find harmony with the whole and you will achieve what the universe is seeking.

I believe the universe starts off as balance, then it becomes unstable. It separates into light and dark energy then it tries to find balance again. Instability is separation and division and resistance. 

It’s obvious the universe is seeking balance and if we can help to aid it in its search for balance I believe our outcome will be favorable.

Add it all its part of my theory of everything that I’ve been sending to colleges and Nobel committee for the past 10 years. It all started when I took acid and wrote my first time theory at 13. I loved Einstein but I always thought he was wrong in some areas. The acid opened my mind to the akasha records and I was able to see the answers to the universe. It’s been a lifelong quest finding a theory of everything. I believe I finally achieved it.

The food we eat is energy atoms. Positive force is created by negative space instability. The negative energy becomes unstable and starts currents. These currents spin like pi spiral helix or the Fibonacci spiral. They expand out which is matter and they spin in which creates an inversion or space. So matter is a protrusion in a negative inversion.

Pi spiral helix out(matter) pi spiral helix in(space) two time factors – one is positive the other negative. It’s the only way time can work – the positive expansion of time and the slow negative incursion of degradation of time. In and out dynamic.

With balance it’s in a state of rest – no separation, no division, no need for time because time is directly linked to separation, mass accumulation, and the interactions of masses to each other. So time is mass accumulation in conjunction with acceleration and linked to other masses and space currents. 

Space creates positive force through negative instability. Negative space instability is created from a solid state of balance. Balance state separates from instability of its mass. Balance comes from nothing.

Nothing has the potential of everything. Nothing is nothing and something all at once and nothing is infinite.

If food is atoms and atoms are energy then your consciousness is an accumulation of energy directly linked to the energy inside and outside your body.

I wrote mit Harvard, Princeton, and Yale physics departments for 10 years with these understandings. There’s so much more but it would take a long time to explain. No one answered but they never blocked me so still not sure how much was actually read.


Thank you for reading!
I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did from an anonymous sender.
Real & Raw.

Send questions and your psilocybin or psychedelic story to

The world needs more of these right now🙏😎✌️

Love. Peace. Shrooms.

10 replies on “Acid Trips Anonymous”

This isn’t a personal story of mine – someone messaged me with their story. I think this story is quite interesting for several reasons – one being this person thought god was punishing them, so their negative beliefs may have spiraled into negative experiences. Has some deep and insightful thoughts in the succeeding paragraphs.
Personally, psychedelics have given me insight into things I would have never seen without them, which I am thankful for. I think they can be a great thing, but like anything else-if abused, of course it won’t be good. I like them 🙂


I am not at all sure I believe they will be successful in a widespread cure of depression tbh… I have not cured myself that’s for sure. Maybe I am somewhat improved but it has not gone


Who knows. I think they can be used for objective reflection, and one’s mindset plays a big role in the healing process – which can be helped with a psychedelic/spiritual leader.


Wow — this was a captivating read. I really saw how the author’s mind works with the progressions of psychedelics into intellectualism. They are absolutely right to point out the imbalance between positive attention to psychedelics versus the potential hazards. I think psychology shows us how important it is to take drugs at the correct age. Humans prefrontal cortex only fully develops at the age of 25, so taking it at any time below imposes serious dangers.
With that being said, psychedelics have the potential to free one’s mind to a place of acceptance and shift to a view of appreciation and positivity. I’m really loving your blog and the shape it’s taking 🙂

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I’m glad you’re enjoying it!😊I agree that it was right of them to point out the positive & negatives. Yea it sounds like it had a big impact on them from a young age. I was 19 or 20 the first time I took mushrooms, which I had an incredible first trip..Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and if you or anyone you know have a psychedelic story, I’d love to share it🙂


revjrl Interesting take on your experiences. I think when you talk about being out of balance, I would call your spiritual unbalance. Same kind of thinking, just using different terminology. I don’t judge others, for that simply curtails the possibility of dialogue. I do ask that people respect others when they express themselves, and not cut them off to interject your own thoughts. Listening is so underrated in today’s society. I would say you have been on a long journey, and though you have reach a certain point, you may or may not have finished the journey. Still, I will listen.

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Thanks for your words. I agree that listening is underrated yet essential in today’s society, as well as respecting others.

Someone sent me this story, but asked if I could post it anonymously, I respect confidentiality and privacy for those who want to share it this way.

I hope this is just the beginning of this journey, I thoroughly enjoy psychedelic experiences & discussing them with others 🙂

The beauty of psychedelic trips is that each trip is usually unique.


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