Trip Calls

“I feel liberated talking to Psil.”

“Psil helped me get in touch with my soul.”

“Psil really listens.”

Psychedelic trips are unpredictable. If you’ve tripped before, you know this, and if you haven’t, you probably still know it because of the stories you’ve heard. It’s true, trips can be wildly unpredictable. That’s one reason I’m spreading awareness of intentional and smart psilocybin use.

One thing I wish I had during some of my trips is someone to talk to freely. Someone who wouldn’t judge how I felt or what I was thinking, because yea, the psychedelic trip is out of this world, only few can understand it.

I’ve heard that we should be the people we wish were there for us when we needed someone, so I want to be that person for you.

Whether you want to talk about your trip, before, during, or after, I’m here.

Whether you’re having a bad trip and want to talk it through, I’m here.

Whether you’re having an ecstasy trip experience and want to share it with someone, I’m here.

Maybe you just have a question, maybe you want to philosophize. 

No matter what you call for, I’m here to listen.

I’m here to give you my full attention, support, and encouragement.

This is something I wish I had, so I know it can help someone.

“Psil helped talked me through a bad trip.”

“Psil helped me integrate my psilocybin experience when I didn’t know what to do.”

100% Confidentiality — includes an electronically signed contract to make it official.

The times to begin will be short, because I know time in the psychedelic world is different.

5 minutes — $20

10 minutes — $30

20 minutes — $40

The contract includes a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Also if you just want to test the waters before jumping, your first 10 minute call is free. 

Happy Tripping

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