Trip Calls

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“Psil helped me get in touch with my soul.”

“Psil really listens.”

I’ve tripped a bunch of times since 2010. I love Psilocybin & other Psychedelics in all their whimsicalities and epiphanies.

I’ve had some of the best times of my life, as well as some of the most confusing times of my life at different points in my trips.

75% of my trips have been with good friends, but a quarter of my trips have been with acquaintances and strangers in places I had never been. Haha.

During those confusing times it would have been nice to talk it through with a cool, experienced tripper, even if it was just through text. Someone who would listen and understand what I was experiencing. During those times I literally thought “I wish there was a cool, genuine person I could be real with.” But it can be hard if you’re tripping with a group of strangers.

Anyway, I am thankful for my highs and lows. They’ve deepend my compassion and empathy, and have inspired me to help all people, especially with psychedelic trips — they can get INTENSE!! ✨😄🍄😎✨

So if you want to talk with a chill, experienced tripper, send a message. My ears are open and I love discussing all things Psychedelic. 

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