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The Power of Psychedelics

“I think of going to the grave without having a psychedelic experience like going to the grave without ever having sex. It means that you never figured out what it is all about. The mystery is in the body and the way the body works itself into nature.”
-Terence McKenna

This is how powerful psychedelics are – that they can be compared to how great sex is, although I’d say psychedelics are even more powerful than sex.

This is coming from someone who loves sex, as it is meant to be. 

Taboo conventions prevent most people from talking about these great subjects – sex & psychedelics.

Anyway, the point is – so many people are missing out on the joyous experiences psychedelics bring.

My psychedelic choice is psilocybin mushrooms, & my experiences with psilocybin have been beyond words transcendent – filled with magic, unconditional love, & peace beyond understanding.

Some people say that psychedelics aren’t for everyone – & yes, people do have bad trips – I’ve had some myself, but the pros overcome the cons by far, & one day we may live in a world where psychedelics are available worldwide…but they first must be understood by more people.

Will people abuse psychedelics?
Yep, without a doubt – just like people abuse alcohol, tobacco, pills, & everything on this planet…

But the pros win. & the cons lose.
The abuse will end. & Understanding will take its place.

Psychedelics have always played a role in the evolution of humanity, & they continue to do so.

The question is, are you playing a role in the downfall or in the evolution of humanity?

I choose evolution.
I choose psychedelics.
I choose love.


The Real Sha’s Golden Teacher

Strain Type: Psilocybe Cubensis
Source: Mycolabs @myco_labs_canada

One thing I really love about this strain is how it really does have the ability to teach. We all have things within us that we need to work on. Things we keep hidden from others and sometimes hidden from ourselves. Many times it’s easy to just ignore it and hope it goes away or gets better. Golden Teachers will bring it to the surface and make you face it. Being removed from yourself. Your “paradoxical” self is very liberating, educational and can also be very painful. Especially if you’re not in touch with yourself. Your self image more likely than not, is false. We are never the person we think we are. Nor can we ever be that person. At least these will teach us how to come to terms with that. 

I find the taste of these to be fairly mild. It’s like a sweet almond with a bit of earthy aftertaste. The effects both the physical and psychologically could be felt within the first 30 mins. My legs felt jelly like. My hands were tingling with pins and needles. This sensation continued on. Which made walking feel like I was wearing snow boots two sizes too big. My hands were frozen. My face flush and my mouth was pretty much numb. My mood however was completely relaxed, carefree and childlike. 

There is a continuous high but its intensity comes in waves leading up to the peak. What I like to call “waves of deception.” The reason I give them such a name is the deceptive nature of these waves. One moment bliss, total clarity of mind and peace. The next moment will turn the other way. In comes darkness my old friend. Both equally parts of your psyche. Now you can see things from a different perspective. All your issues you have been dealing with rearrange in your head. All colors are sharp and crisp. Natures elements of wind and rain seem to come alive in a new birth. Like seeing them for the first time. Then the other side of the wave hits. The dark side. The undertow trying to pull you down into the abyss of your indecision, regrets, hurts, anxieties and fears. Be brave this is just a wave. It too shall pass. Let the water heal you. Smooth sailing will come again.

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