Psilocybin Connection

1.3 grams of psilocybin  Tomorrow, or tonight if I’m not too tired.. I’ll make a thread of what happened the best way possible. You would not believe it. Quick note: centralization is bad, that is why bitcoin will work. It helps us connect to what we used to have: Togetherness. Openness. Roots. I found soContinue reading “Psilocybin Connection”

Follow The Psilocybin

What went from 2gs turned into my subconscious telling me to eat all I had, 7.6gs, that I grew with love, myself.  I eventually felt my ego melt through my body, where I felt at true peace. No pain or fear, as I watched my hand disappear into light. Coming down, I realized I wasn’tContinue reading “Follow The Psilocybin”

Psilocybin Remedy

My first mushroom trip, the night before my sons first birthday, changed my life forever. I’ll never forget the way the moonlights reflection on the ocean formed into my sons ultrasound. It was a reality check to get my shit right or else I would fall. Told me ‘fuck the self sorrow I need toContinue reading “Psilocybin Remedy”

A Potential Downside To Having No Fear

…Anyway, back to the story, us chatting, figuring out answers to the world’s problems…or just strangely talking about nursing homes. We talked for 30 or so minutes on the rocks, then I wanted to walk around. I told my friends I was going to walk around, just nearby, and that they can chill here ifContinue reading “A Potential Downside To Having No Fear”

Shroomin’ Stan

One of the times I shroomed away, I had a terrible feeling of nauseous. Very common yes, but this time I felt like it was coming out and that I was gonna throw up, although nothing seemed to get past my throat.  The feeling got uneasier by the second and I didn’t know what toContinue reading “Shroomin’ Stan”

Samantha’s Psilocybin Surrender

Can you sequence a dream?   Pinpoint when it started?   Likely the setting is a murky, submerged Monet. Conversations of grave importance are whittled to a phrase or single word, if you can recall any at all. Often it’s the sheer fear of being chased, the horror of teeth cracking from oozing gums, the uncontainableContinue reading “Samantha’s Psilocybin Surrender”

Existential Thoughts

I went into this writing as a story idea — this would be a suicide note sent to a friend, and the friend is now reading this note which they received a day or two after their friend killed themselves. I don’t plan on committing suicide, but this quickly turned into my own existential thoughtsContinue reading “Existential Thoughts”

My First Real Trip

Broken down into 3 Sections: Before, During, After. Enjoy the trip.(Published February 2020) BEFORE: College Cafeteria. Sophomore year. Late morning in the late Spring. 2010. In a booth with plates of food, one of my roommates, and his friend. Convo. Convo. Convo. Then I hear something like “do you wanna do shrooms with us today?”Continue reading “My First Real Trip”