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Psilocybin Connection

By @CryptoAnx (Twitter)

Trip Calls

Prepare a therapeutic trip.
Talk through a bad trip.
Integrate your experience.

Psilocybin Paradox

By Psil Silva

“I saw both sides of many coins, and realized that they were all true. Like just above, we’re all in the same world, but also, we all operate individually within ourselves, our brains, mind, or whatever. Heart too.”

Psilocybin Black Hole

By Psil Silva

“And it’s all connected. You feel like you’re finally home, on the inside, ya know, because that’s ultimately where we’re all experiencing life from. Both the internal and external fused together.”

Spontaneous Solo Psilocybin Trip

By Psil Silva

I took pages of notes. On one page I wrote:

“Love=No fear-an absence of fear
=No judgement-an absence of judgement

This can all come down to “No-self” = an absence of self.”

Follow The Psilocybin

By @_nakeyy

One of favorite quotes: “Coming down, I realized I wasn’t afraid or confused about this life anymore. I’ve never been more grateful or happy in my life.”

Psilocybin Remedy

One of favorite quotes: “My first mushroom trip, the night before my sons first birthday, changed my life forever.”

By @prescibinpsilocybin 

Psilocybin Insights Into The Indescribable

Striking insights from a psilocybin experience. Profound&Extremely Quotable.

By Anonymous.

Alaina’s Psilocybin Healing

Her original title tells it all “Depression & Childhood Trauma: Psilocybin mushroom as My Woo-Woo Healing”

By Alaina “PowerChick” Dorsey

A Heaven & Hell Trip

Shares the story of a “bad trip” and why setting preparation is essential to a good trip.

By Psil Silva

A Heaven & Hell Trip Phone Notes

Phone notes from the Heaven & Hell Trip.

By Psil Silva

Alfredo’s Psychedelic Reflection

A reflection on the psychedelic experience.

One of favorite quotes: “When you’re shrooming, you will start to respect why you and all emotions need to coexist in smiles & cries.”

By Alfredo Avalos III

Shroomin’ Stan

A scary tripping moment.

One of favorite quotes: “…and made me realize that even at the brink of death, we always want to live and we will give in our last energy to that.”

By Chand

Samantha’s Psilocybin Surrender

Shares her process and reflections on the psychedelic experience.

One of favorite quotes: “Surrendering, I realized, was an avenue to peace.”

By Samantha Scrivens

Existential Thoughts

Existential Thoughts

What began as a story idea ended as a writing vent of existential thoughts.

One of favorite quotes:
“But this life is miraculous, it’s, there’s no words that can capture what this is, “life” we call it.
It’s a fucking trip.
Don’t know where it came from, don’t know where it goes.”

By Psil Silva

My First Real Trip

Shares the story of his first trip. An enlightening and life-changing experience.

One of favorite quotes: “I really believe I was experiencing unconditional love, with myself and the Universe. We weren’t separate. There was no ‘you’ and ‘me,’ there wasn’t even an ‘us,’ because it was all so beyond that, beyond any words.”

By Psil Silva

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