The 7 Psychedelic Meditations

The 7 Psychedelic Meditations is a complimentary guide for your psychedelic travels.

These meditations serve multiple purposes and can be opened at any point during your trip as a helping hand:

❖To stabilize & ground

❖To enhance

❖To transcend

The Psychedelic Trip Journal

The Psychedelic Trip Journal has three sections:

❖Part One prepares you for foreseen factors, protecting you from a bad trip and preparing you for an optimal experience.

❖Part Two is filled with activities to help ground yourself and enhance your experience. If you’re having a bad trip this section helps shift your focus. If you’re having a good trip this section gets you more in the zone of the present moment — being completely here now.

❖Part Three is a section of reflection. A place to write and draw what you experienced throughout your psychedelic journey.

The Psychedelic Crossword

TEN Challenging and Fun Psychedelic Related Crosswords!

101 Uplifting Psychedelic Words That Heal

As you dwell upon,

These healing words,

Of psychedelic origin.

You’re planting seeds,

The world will see,

A Soul now born again.

Zen Stories For The Psychedelic Scholar

Essential Zen Stories for cultivating Intuition.