The Psilocybin Spirit Philosophy Show with Psil Silva

A brief intro into Psil Silva’s upbringing leading to his first life-transforming psilocybin experience, as well as a glimpse into that experience.

—Growing up
—Why I began philosophizing
—My first Magic Mushroom trip
       —Article, https://psilocybinstories.com/2020/02/23/my-first-real-trip/

The word “psychedelic” has been interpreted in many ways. The origin of “psychedelic” is shared in this episode, as well as the first known use of the word “psyche”, over a thousand years ago as portrayed in a Greek mythological tale. The story is incredible!

What does “Soul” really mean? Today we will explore the Sanskrit word for Soul, Ātman, which is an essential principle in Hinduism, and I understand why. It’s awe-inspiring. It brings us all together. It is filled with love.

What is Ego? What is Soul? 
Plus learn a Soul Meditation practice to get in touch with your Soul.

Episode 5: Zen & Psilocybin

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