The Psilocybin Spirit Philosophy Show with Psil Silva

A brief intro into Psil Silva’s upbringing leading to his first life-transforming psilocybin experience, as well as a glimpse into that experience.

—Growing up
—Why I began philosophizing
—My first Magic Mushroom trip
       ^^^Article, https://psilocybinstories.com/2020/02/23/my-first-real-trip/

The word “psychedelic” has been interpreted in many ways. The origin of “psychedelic” is shared in this episode, as well as the first known use of the word “psyche”, over a thousand years ago as portrayed in a Greek mythological tale. The story is incredible!

What does “Soul” really mean? Today we will explore the Sanskrit word for Soul, Ātman, which is an essential principle in Hinduism, and I understand why. It’s awe-inspiring. It brings us all together. It is filled with love.

What is Ego? What is Soul? 
Plus learn a Soul Meditation practice to get in touch with your Soul.

How can Zen improve your psilocybin experience? Including Zen stories & how you can begin practicing Zen.

Learn how journaling can be used for therapeutic purposes as well as for making sense of your psilocybin experiences!

Ways in which Alice in Wonderland relates to the Psilocybin experience!

Aldous Huxley describes his experience on Mescalin in the 1950’s and as I read through this book I was in awe at how similar Huxley’s experience was to my first psilocybin trip.

The year was 2010. 
It was a beautiful Spring day. 
My life was forever changed.

Timothy Leary said: 

“I learned more about psychology in the 5 hours after taking psilocybin mushrooms than in the preceding 15 years of studying & doing research in psychology.”

The story of how Richard Alpert became Ram Dass – It all began with psilocybin. 

Throughout this episode I share messages & quotes from the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior that relate to some of my experiences on psilocybin:
-Be happy now, without reason
-You are more than your thoughts
-Actions>Thoughts (although they are both important!)

Deep Spiritual & Philosophical Chat w Anonymous Guest! (& deep, demonic?/angelic? voices)

How is the human ego similar to an onion? 
Find out throughout this episode 🙂

Plus some meditation toward the end! (and aliens?!?!)

You may have heard of the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, but how is it related to the psilocybin experience? 
To my psilocybin experiences?

I share two important messages from this book, & quotes, all related to epiphanies I experienced on psilocybin.

The title says it all. 
Plus I left in a “blooper” at the beginning of the episode a little after the 1 minute intro (same with episode 14).
Enjoy 🙂

How do psilocybin mushrooms relate to neurogenesis and Leonardo da Vinci? Find out in this episode.

Plus one of da Vinci’s genius techniques is included: “Connecting the Unconnected”

Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, was a leader of The Merry Pranksters along with his best friend Ken Babbs.

Before Kesey was an author, he was a student at Stanford University – & while he was there, in 1960 he voluntarily participated in a military experiment testing the effects of mind altering drugs. He was given LSD & it changed his life forever, in incredible ways.

“Wear Sunscreen” is an essay turned into a commencement speech & is one of my favorites – My psilocybin experiences have helped me understand these words all the more.

I hope these words in my voice share the beauty of it all.

Author: Mary Schmich
Video Producer: Baz Luhrmann

The psilocybin experience in itself can be similar to a hero’s journey & sometimes that’s exactly what it is. Learn more in this episode.

From his empowering essay titled Self-Reliance. 
One of my favorite writings of Emerson. 
See how it relates to the empowering psilocybin experience in this episode!

It’s important to learn about ego for many reasons, especially when experiencing psychedelic states of consciousness. 
Know ego to go beyond ego, and then to come back to ego.

What is the Myth of Perfection?

It is liberation from the idea that we have to be “perfect” to accept ourselves, or that others have to be “perfect” to accept them.

My psilocybin experiences have helped me accept myself for who I am, and others for who they are, without any desire to change them. Sometimes it feels like unconditional love to me during these experiences.

I am a part-time perfectionist. 
There are some things that are worth being perfected, and some that don’t need as much attention. I often find myself writing twenty to forty or sometimes even a hundred lines of the same sentence — before feeling and knowing that it is complete.
It’s a blessing and a curse. (OCD much? haha)
This perfectionist attention was put into the making of The Psychedelic Trip Journal. & I’m all ears to improvements, so please send it all my way — the bad & good.

Overall, The Psychedelic Trip Journal is a great integration journal for the psilocybin & psychedelic experience.

Brilliant Huxley quotes & their relation to the psilocybin experience, enjoy!!

Brief episode including a life update. 

The gravity of this episode pulls you into the importance of legalizing psilocybin mushrooms and spreading awareness of psilocybin’s healing benefits. 

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Super important episode.

It includes a number of Terence’s ideas related to the psilocybin experience, and I include my thoughts on his ideas – with PASSION!!!

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Amanita Pantherina is another type of psychoactive mushroom, although its effects are different from psilocybin, with some similarities. 

This episode includes Paul Stamets experience with the Amanita Pantherina mushroom as well as a crazy whirlwind trip of mine.

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“…and if I died, I died for the mushrooms✌️😎🍄✨”

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