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Psychedelic Thanksgiving

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”
—Henry David Thoreau

One of the best human experiences is the feeling of deep gratitude.

Deep gratitude, which is one my favorite experiences on psilocybin mushrooms, goes way beyond thinking about what you are thankful for.

It’s a whole body experience – you can feel it in your bones – you can feel it in your toes, up your legs and throughout your entire body. 

It’s a wholly connection with the Universe.

These experiences have come to me at random times during my macro psilocybin trips, and it’s a bliss beyond compare. 

But speaking of comparison — One way to not feel this bliss is to constantly compare your life to others’ lives. 

Comparison lives in the thinking mind, as do so many other constructs & ideas that easily steal joy from your person.

Gratitude lives in this moment.

Here & now. 


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