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Psychedelic Consciousness

“Before they were called psychedelics they were called consciousness expanding drugs. Well if there’s any possibility that that’s true, let’s put our best people on it because consciousness is what we’re dying for. We don’t have enough of it. We can’t feed the hungry, we can’t manage a global economy, we can’t hold down guerrilla warfare, we can’t cure aids, we need to get smart! And if this stuff has anything to do with getting smart on any level, even for one in a thousand of those who use it, pour it on! We can’t stand around like a bunch of nitwits just watching the planet burn down around us.”
-Terence McKenna

There’s not much needed to add to this quote.

As a result, legalize psychedelics. Especially psilocybin mushrooms. 

Please & thank you✌️😎🍄✨

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