How to Prepare a Therapeutic Psilocybin Experience – Intro

Welcome to a 7 day series on how to prepare a therapeutic psilocybin experience.

Watch the Intro to this week, here on YouTube.

Quick recap of the vid:

—I have multiple psilocybin trips under my belt and know how to navigate it to get the most out of it.

—I have personally experienced therapeutic effects from psilocybin.

—I have my Masters in Education and am confident preparing information and resources in a way that’s easy to learn.

—Basically, for those wanting to try psilocybin, you’re on a boat to Atlantis, this week I’m your captain and you’re the co-captain or just along for the ride in the cockpit. You watch me navigate both the stormy and calm seas, successfully sailing through the Bermuda Triangle to reach Atlantis. I’m here to show you the way, so that one day you’ll be able to navigate the experience yourself, but in the beginning, a guide is extremely helpful.

—Along with the free videos and resources this week, I will be introducing a service this week! Unlike some of these industry quacks, my prices will be reasonable, as well as a money back guarantee if not satisfied 🙂

I’m excited to go on this journey with you. The following post will include where to begin in preparing a therapeutic psilocybin trip. See you there!

If this is helpful to you please share, it might just help someone else.

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