“Heaven & Hell Trip” Phone Notes

I have finished writing my Heaven & Hell Trip and will be posting it within the week.

In the meantime I’m making my phone notes available to you, and although I do hate “selling” anything, I believe these are definitely worth the price they are, $4.20, as they include my personal thoughts, ideas, and reflections throughout this experience and many from after peaking, “coming back to reality” throughout that evening and night.

They include around 1,700 words of exact notes I took that day.

These notes probably fit best after reading the post, but can be read at any time.

—I talk a lot about judgement-being judged&working on not judging.

^^looking at these phone notes I see that I care a lot what people think of me! But I try not to. Maybe it was heightened during the trip? Maybe I didn’t feel supported during that trip. Maybe it was the adderall? Hmm, I don’t know.

—How to communicate with life to get what you want(without manipulating).

—Stuff about the vastness of the Universe & Human perspective.

—Ideas on not taking things personally, and laughing at self.

—What is instinct? 

^I go deeper on this than earlier in the post.

I’ll make this automated in the near future, but for now, if you want the notes, pay here and I will personally send you a pdf of the notes within 24 hours. If you can’t pay through Paypal(credit/debit), email me and we’ll figure it out 😊

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